"The First Time"

This special allows you a beautiful lash set of 50-75% coverage. Your artists will always try to maximize your coverage but results will vary depending on each clients natural lash line and client pre-appointment preparation.

"All The Way"

Every client should choose this set. This option means longer time spent making sure your lashes are perfect. These sets include 90-100% coverage and is the most tailored to your eye shape and desired look.

Classic Lash Set

Classic Lashes are a 1:1 ratio! This means 1 single lash will be applied individually to a natural lash until desired coverage.
Classic lashes can almost double the length of your natural lashes and will give each lash a thicker & bolder appearance. Classic lashes can be done more natural or more dramatic. Classic lashes are great for younger clients and clients with fuller natural lash lines.


The First Time = $55


All The Way = $100

Mix Lash Set

Mix Sets combine both Classic & Volume Lashes. This is a wispy lash set. Mix sets can be more natural or more dramatic. Mix lashes are great for new clients wanting to try out the different styles.


The First Time = $75


All The Way = $125

Volume Lash Set

Volume Lashes are multiple lighter lashes built into a beautiful fan. This is a fuller and fluffy type of set. Each fan is hand made during the appointment and is suitable for the health of the natural lash! Volume sets can be done more natural or more dramatic. Volume sets are great for all type of clients.

Lash Fill

For your lashes to stay looking as sexy as possible we recommend fill appointments. It is best to schedule a fill every 2,3 or 4 weeks. It is most common to schedule your fill appointment every 2-3 weeks. If you are new to lashes we recommend to start with your fill appointments every 2 weeks while you learn how to maximize the retention of your lashes and adjust accordingly.

We also offer a Quickie Fill which is 45 min and can be used when looking for a little extra lash attention in-between your appointments. The Quickie should not be used as a regular fill. It is standard that you will have around 50% of your lashes remaining for it to qualify as a fill. This is elite artist work at a much faster pace!


The Quickie - $30

LASH FILL 30 min

Classic - $55/$75/$95

2 week = 60min
4 week = 90min
6 week = 120min

Volume or Mix - $60/$90/$120

2 week = 90min
4 week = 120min
6 week = 120+min

Elite Artist Fill - $65/$95/$125

2 week = 60min
4 week = 90min
6 week = 120min

Lash Membership

A lash membership allots you three appointments to be used at your discretion. The Classic Lash membership appointments are 30 minutes and the Volume membership appointments are 45 min. These memberships are best for people who want to come in every 10 days! Ask your artist if a membership would be a good option for you! (An initial set must be purchased separately).



Lash extensions are not for everyone. Check out all these other options for your LASHES!

Classic Lower Lashes - $20

Extensions for Bottom Lashes!

Volume Lower Lashes - $30

Extensions for Bottom Lashes!

Natural Lash Tint - $25

Darken Natural Lashes (30 min)

Lash Lift - $65

Curl your lashes (60 min)

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